DIY Fence Staining - Great Tips from a professional in Edmonton

Staining your fence is highly recommended, it will help limit the exposure to outside elements and keep your fence looking great all year long. Fences occasionally suffer from rotting, insects or normal wear and tear due to weather, it is best to use an oil based stain as it does not crack over time.

Fence Colors

You are not limited to just a brown color for your fence, thanks to special manufacturing there are many outdoor friendly stains which you can take advantage of. Here is a small list provided by Sherwin-Williams.

Required Tools

Once you have the color or colors for your fence, you will need to gather up some tools to make your project easier to accomplish.

    • Heavy Plastic
    • A Rough Roller
    • A Staining Brush
      • A staining brush is not like a normal household paint brush, it has thicker bristles an a wider base which will help hold up against the demands of staining.

Preparing your work area for staining

    • Fence must be dry
      • If your fence is brand new, give it about 5 weeks to cure or dry, just feeling the fence isn't always a guarantee that the fence is ready for staining. Make sure that you check the weather prior to starting your project, if you have had rain in the last 3 days, delay your project for a few days, make sure you have 3-5 days of nice clear weather coming up as this will ensure that the stain dry's sufficiently.
    • Sand and clean the fence
      • You don't want little particles all over the fence while you're trying to stain, it is best to sand down the fence first then make sure you dust the fence off prior to applying any stain coating, by doing this you are increasing the lifespan of your fence.
    • Protect things not being stained
      • Overspray is common especially if you're working on a windy day, use your heavy plastic to protect your plants, your house or anything else that you do not want to have stained.
    • Use your roller first, then a brush
      • Using your rough roller first will help get the job done quicker, however you will need the brush for areas such as corners or small spaces that your roller simply will not go to.

If anytime you feel that you are unable to complete your fence staining project, our Professional Painters in Edmonton are always standing by ready to take on your project. Call us today for a free quote and get your project off the ground, 1-780-691-6580