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Looking to improve the appearance of your garage or commercial concrete? If so then Genoa Coatings your professional Edmonton Painters has got the solution for you.

When you have decided that you are going to do an epoxy coating on your residential of commercial concrete floor, there are a few steps to take to assure your ideal outcome is achieved.

First you must assess the present state of the concrete. Does it have an existing paint coating on the floor? Is the floor have stains or other deficiencies? if so the floor must be stripped, we can do so by using a diamond bit sander that will make this job a lot less labour intensive.

Epoxy Flooring

After a sufficient sanding has taken place the we must use a degreaser to remove all oil spills or other contaminants.

Once the floor is clean it will require an acid etch on the floor this will prepare the floor for the epoxy coating. The acid etching is a muriatic acid or a phosphoric acid that must be rinsed off completely a couple times.

This will allow the pores to open up in the concrete to allow the Epoxy coatings to adhere well. Next allow the floor to dry completely this could be a lengthy process maybe a few days depending on humidity and temperature.

Finally you are ready for the application process. Tools you will need include:

  • Brush
  • A resin application roller
  • A phenolic-core-nylon sleeve.
  • 1/8 spiked shoes
  • 3/8 spiked roller for eliminating bubble
  • Paint extension pole
  • Epoxy resin
  • Catalyst
  • The pigment for colour

Once you have all the ingredients for a great job we are ready to mix the products and get to work. The resin and catalyst are usually equal mixture so 1 can to 1 can for extra caution always refer to the MSDS sheet.

Epoxy Flooring

Once the product is mixed to required specifications you can begin to roll on the product start by rolling 4 ft by 4 ft sections to make sure you have adequate thickness. After you have complete the entire floor go over it with you spiked roller to eliminate any bubbles that are trapped gases trying to escape from the product.

When you have finished rolling it out you can sprinkle a none slip product of your choice they can be in a range of colours this will allow for sufficient grip on the finished gloss floor.

Good luck with you epoxy job and i hope these steps have help. If you have any questions or concerns call Genoa Coatings and one of our professional painters will be sure to help.

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