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Commercial - Fire Retardant Coating

Fire Retardant Paint is one form of fire proofing to choose from. Fire retardant paint forms a cellular char blanket that when applied at specified mils achieves a class "A" rating.


It applies like a regular paint and has to be applied in accordance with ASTM E-84. Insl-x is a intumescent product that has a soap and water clean up.

Insl-x is a decorative paint that can be mixed into a variety of colours to suit your residential or commercial space. It has a high hiding matte finish and can be applied to previously primed or painted wood, steel, concrete and drywall. It applies like a regular paint where you can use a brush or roller as well as spray application. It has a low VOC and is low in odour.

Genoa Coatings LTD also applies HIBAR which is a spray applied Semi-cementitious mineral fibre insulation. It has thermal and acoustic properties and can be sprayed onto structural steel such as open web steel joists, beams, columns, exterior partition walls, and q-deck. It is not suitable for exterior surfaces that are exposed to moisture or interior surfaces that might be subject to higher humidity.

The maximum thickness on rigid overhead areas is without mechanical support is 75 mm. All areas requiring HIBAR to be sprayed must be free of dirt, peeling paint, or oil paint.

These can impair bonding and must be cleaned or sand blasted. Please consult a professional Fire Resistant applicator or a HIBAR representative if you are requiring this service.

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