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Commercial - Interior and Exterior Painting

Interior and Exterior painting can be a great way to spruce up any commercial building. The look of your commercial space reflects you as a company and also sets a mood for your customers. Picking colours and the right products for your commercial building can be half the battle.

For interior painting it is better to choose a low VOC acrylic that is Eco friendly. A good quality acrylic paint can be very durable and can be chosen in product that is mildew resistant and have a wide range of sheen to choose from.

Commercial Interior

Interior Paints are usually easy to apply with the right preparation although a professional painter is recommended. Interior painting requires a few necessary painting tools and the costs of quality interior paint can be relatively expensive without a painting contractor discount.

Exterior Painting is a much more complicated process in the fact that there is a lot of liability associated. Exterior painting and a job that will last depends on a wide range of factors including wind speed, humidity and temperature.

Commercial Interior

Please consult a professional exterior painter before attempting to do any type of exterior painting. In most cases scaffolding or some type of arial lift will be needed and these types of contractor equipment require certification.

As with any exterior job once the project is complete the look and feel of your commercial building can be a breath taker.

Genoa Coatings hold weekly safety meetings and all our staff is fully trained on scaffolding, man lifts and all types of protective equipment and guidelines.

Any questions or concerns about your commercial space don't hesitate to call your commercial painters in Edmonton.

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