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So it's a gorgeous day and you're wanting to start checking things off your Honey-to-do list. First is painting the exterior stucco of your home. This sounds like a major task but with the help from you local Edmonton Painters this should be a breeze.

We are gonna start with choosing the right brand of paint for this job. There are many products on the market to choose from but today we are gonna be using Breeze exterior acrylic paint. This is a product by General Paint, The reason we will be using this product is because it is a breathable paint and will allow for moisture to escape from the exterior stucco.


This product is 100% acrylic, it is a fast drying and weather resistant coating that is perfect for exterior painting. It is also resistant to blistering and will prevent mildew from forming. This product comes in a wide range or colours to choose from so you should have no trouble finding the one your after. Next the preperation process.

A complete pressure wash of your home is going to be needed, this will remove all dust and debris that is trapped in the stucco crevices. Make sure to allow adequate drying time for the stucco before applying paint usually a full day of nice weather. The rest of the painting preparation will commence at this point.

Firstly you will be taping and papering around all door frames, window frames, and soffits using at least a 12" tape and paper roll. You are going to have to spray this paint on so make sure you cover everything in close proximity that you're not wanting to get overspray on. Before you start spraying you want to make sure that you have the right tip size, a 415 for the main areas and a 215 for the tighter areas where less paint is necessary.

Always make sure when you're spraying paint that you do so when it's not windy out or any chance of rain for at least 8 hrs. Make sure that you spray up and down and side to side to make sure to have full coverage of area.

When you have finished spraying 2 coats to the exterior of your stucco home you can start removing all the tape and paper from the soffits, window frames and door frames. Allow at least 30 days before doing any extra pressure washing to your home or before any freezing temperatures.

Well congrats you are ready to tackle your next house painting project. If you have any exterior painting questions or any painting concerns please dont hesitate to call your Edmonton Painters.

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