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Your home or office needs a face lift? It is vinyl or aluminum siding and your not sure of the steps to take?

Follow these steps by your local painting professionals and your exterior house painting job will be easier than you think.

When preparing to paint the exterior of your vinyl or aluminum sided home or office the first step is to clean the siding with an T.S.P or a brand as close to this as possible. Use a horse hair bristle brush to lightly scrub the siding to remove the chalky coating.

Exterior painting

After a sufficient scrub has been done give the exterior a complete pressure wash to remove all the T.S.P and oxidation residue.

Your next steps will be to tape and paper the exterior windows, doors and soffits to protect from paint overspray. When you are ready for the spraying part of the job make sure to use the right paint tip, for this type of siding you will want to use a tip no bigger than a 311 this will give you a 6 inch fan and a nice fine spray to achieve a nice finish.

The first product you will be using will be a gripper primer that is specially formulated for exterior siding. For vinyl it will be an acrylic and for the aluminum it will most likely be a oil based paint.

After you are finished priming make sure to paint 2 coats minimum on the exterior of your home. This will give it an adequate thickness of paint to stand up to the climate we are faced with in Alberta.

The professional Edmonton based painters Genoa Coatings are here to help if you have any exterior painting questions.

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