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Staining Railings in your home or some other staining project you're wanting to tackle head on? Genoa Coatings is here to help! With these easy to follow steps you're staining project is sure to be a hit.


First thing you're going to need to do to assure a quality job is prep, prep, and yes again more preparation. Picking out the appropriate stain to use can be a bit of a task in its self. Which stain should I use water base stain or oil based stain?

Well, that depends upon the project, if you are wanting to stain maple or any other hard wood then water based stain is probably your best bet. Water stains will open up the pores in the hard woods and also has a low VOC odour. Before applying stain you must make sure you sand the wood very good before hand. This can be done with a 150-200 grit sand paper.

This will remove all oil spots on the wood that could appear after staining and give you a blotchy look. After you have sanded all the wood down nicely then your ready to apply the stain. Make sure you apply it with an applicator pad as this works the best and have a fresh stock of cut up rags for wiping it off.


Don't wait to long in between the application process and wiping it off as it dries very least 2 minutes before wiping it off. Make sure to allow adequate time to dry before apply the water or solvent based lacquer always refer to drying times on the back of the staining can. I prefer to use at least 1 coat of shading to the wood work to even out any imperfections and then 2 finish coats on top.

The lacquering process can be a tricky one because it is recommended that you spray it on to achieve the best finish. If you are spraying it on the you will need to poly off any areas in the immediate area with poly, tape and paper to protect them from over spray. Next you will need to have an appropriate sprayer to do the staining job and also the right protective equipment.

This will include proper eye wear, gloves, and an approved respirator. When you are spraying remember to keep a nice wet edge so the finished product doesn't look hazy. Remember to sand with a 300-400 grit sand paper in between coats to achieve a super smooth finish.


When you are all finished spraying clean all you're spraying equipment and remove all coverings when dry. I hope your job has turned out great if you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to call Genoa Coatings your professional Edmonton Painters.

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