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Are you hoping to tackle the painting of your Walls and Trim work yourself? The professionals at Genoa Coatings LTD can help with these steps.

So the first thing you're going to need is to buy or gather up all the necessary tools.

Wall trim
  • A paint brush
  • A roller and paint tray
  • A 10MM sleeve preferably micro fibre
  • Pole sander and sand paper
  • Green 1" masking take
  • White 3M 1" masking tape
  • Caulking preferably white
  • A container of Dry Dex mud goes on pink dries white when ready to sand
  • 2 mudding knives a 4" and a 3"
  • A painters pole
  • Drop sheets

If you are going to be spraying all your trim there will be a bit more supplies needed but for this tutorial we will be brushing trim. We will start by caulking all loose baseboards and casings around windows and doors. Then we will be using a paint and primer in one for all casings.

Start by putting a usable amount of trim paint in a separate painting can. You will at this point want to put drop sheets on floors for coverage and lightly sand the area painting to allow for maximum adhesion.

Make sure when brushing the paint on you use full even strokes it will make sure there are no painting ridges. After all trim is caulked and painted as well as dried over night, you will want to apply tape to the top edges of the trim where it meets the wall. By doing so you will allow for a nice straight cut line.

The next step is to sand all walls being painted and mud all imperfections and holes in your walls. Next after patches are sanded you will have to spot prime all patches. When the spot priming is done you will start cutting in your walls where it meets the ceilings and where the walls meet the trim.

Be careful around the ceiling to make sure you don't get paint on it. After you have cut in all areas twice your ready for the paint rolling stage. When you start rolling make sure you follow the "W" formation make sure to roll top to bottom and be careful not to leave roller edges and sand in between coats.

When you are done painting all walls remove the tape from the baseboards and casing and you should be left with a great painting job.

If you have any questions or concerns or just feel like hiring a professional don't hesitate to call Genoa Coatings LTD your Edmonton Painting professionals.

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